Brennan Oprian

Brennan will be attending Mater Dei High School, in Santa Ana, California. Brennan is an A student. He Loves science & math and loves building things. Brennan wants to go D1, then go Pro to the NFL, then be a successful TV Sports commentator.

Brennan joined The Santa Margarita Cowboys 14U team. Competed against several other high level QBS and won the QB1 spot. He also played starting Free Safety on defense as well, going both ways on offense and defense. He led the Cowboys to a 6-2 regular season record and took them to the 1st round of playoffs. During this playoff game while playing defense, he was making a touch down saving tackle and injured his ACH, MCL & Meniscus. He started Physical Therapy immediately to prepare for surgery to repair his knee. His come back post-surgery to being able to walk, run and be back 100% to the field has been nothing short of miraculous. Brennan didn’t want to just come back in record time, 6 months from the date of his surgery, he wants to come back better than before his injury. He’s as committed of a football player to his sport and craft of QB as any college or professional player playing today.

Brennan was recruited to try out and compete for the starting QB1 spot for the 13U OC Tigers. He won the QB1 spot beating out the previous QB from the year prior. He was named as one of the team captains and quickly earned the trust and respect of his teammates and coaches. He led the Tigers to a 6-2 record and to The Championship Super Bowl Game. On the season, Brennan threw for 12TD’s, over 1,200 passing yards, ran for 3 TD’s and had only 2 INT’S. Upon the completion of this season, Brennan has now played on 5 different teams in 4 different leagues each with all new players, coaches which he had never played with previously. He has had winning seasons each and every year he has played. At 14, Brennan is a very experienced 6th year tackle football player well known throughout Southern California.

Brennan Won the starting job at quarterback with the LA Chiefs beating out several solid and talented quarterbacks. Brennan “Brady” is a very accurate passer with quick feet and ability to scramble and avoid the rush, run and extend plays creating opportunities for big plays down field. In the season opener in week 1 against Baldwin Hills, on the opening drive connected with EJ Bryant “Flash” for a 35 yard gain. On the very next play scrambled and rolled to his right throwing on the run a perfect dart to Jerno Gilford Jr. “LightBright” to the back of the end zone for the 1st score of the game. Brennan finished 10-15 for 115 yards and one touchdown throw. LA Chiefs Won 12-6 in a tough defensive battle.

Brennan Won the starting job with the OC Buckeye’s. Played a total of 8 games during COVID finishing 5-3 verse Elite All Star Teams throughout CA, WA & NV. Finished the season with 16 touchdowns for over 1,200 yards for the season. Brennan is viewed by many coaches as one of the top quarterbacks in his age group in Southern California.

Brennan also enjoys playing La Crosse and running track and has Won several metals for the 4×100 relay. Brennan was given the nickname “Brady” by his coaches and teammates after several big clutch touchdown throws and Wins in the final seconds of multiple games last year. Off the field Brennan is very low key. He is a man of very few words. Fiercely competitive, although you’d never know it by his very calm demeanor. He enjoys his down time between QB trainings, weight training and stretching, practices and games. Brennan loves playing Madden and Minecraft. He loves to build things. On the field, Brennan is the general and is Ice Cold. He has no problem changing the plays called on the line based upon the defense he sees. Changing the count to confuse defensive players and slowing down blitzes.

His coaches say he has ice running in his veins because he never gets mad or over excited or shows emotion during close games. Brennan plans to attend a Trinity League high school here in California. Maybe Mater Dei or St. John Bosco or High School that gives him the best opportunity to shine. His favorite college teams are USC, Clemson, LSU, Stanford, Ohio State, Alabama, and several others. He follows teams and players closely and knows more about college and pro football than most TV Sports announcers. His favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to watch College Game Day and get pumped up for his games on Saturday night. One of his favorite Pro QB’s is Sam Darnold of USC, Sam is the reason he selected the #14.


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